Rotarian Idol 2012 added a new “Audience Favorite” award category. Audience members who attended Rotarian Idol 2012 donated cash for the fundraiser on behalf of their favorite contestant, or the contestant they thought delivered the best show performance. The contestant who received the most donations won the title of “Rotarian Idol Audience Favorite” and a $500 prize. Last year’s audience favorite was Amanda Harren.

Rotarian Idol 2013 will once again allow the audience to vote for their favorite contestant. This year, not only may you vote at the show, you may also vote on-line. A website site has been established for each contestant. Family, friends and neighbors may wish to use this site to cast their Audience favorite vote before the show. The cutoff date to cast your on-line vote is 11:59 PM Friday, March 15, 2013. The 2013 Rotarian Idol Audience favorite will receive a cash prize of $500.

Please use the links below to cast your cash vote for your favorite contestant(s). And to steal a line from former Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago (or maybe it was Al Capone), “Vote early, and vote often”.

 Vote For Your Audience Favorite On-Line

Elisabeth Ballard Jonathan Dale Collin Nixon Hannah Stancil
Kevin Barlowe Amanda Harren Summer Rahn Curtisha Stephens
Lark Bodnar Tim Lee Carolina Romero-Leon Greg Suddreth
Michael Brown Joni Marley Amanda Sigmon Lauren Wasmund
Leslie Cline Jennifer Murray Shawn Snook Johnny White