Boy Scout Cabin Restoration Project

The Hickory Rotary club helped raise $12,000 to restore the original 1937 Boy Scout cabin on Lake Hickory (near Hwy. 321N bridge). The dedication took place on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Past club President / Eagle Scout Allen Finley spoke on behalf of our club discussing how the Boy Scouts and Rotary are very similar: learning discipline, good character traits and moral values at a young age, and then carrying it forward into Rotary ideals as adults. Finley’s family has seven Eagles and two Silver Beaver Awards.  Rotarians in attendance:  Dallas Abee, whose father drew the original plans in 1937; Dr. Allen Huffman; Addison Fox (Parks & Recreation Chairman); John Norwood.


  • BSA Cabin (Before)
  • BSA Cabin Before
  • BSA Cabin (After)
  • 1937 Dedication Plaque
  • 2011 BSA Dedication Ceremony
  • Pictured, left to right: Raymond von Drehle, Piedmont Council President; Glenn Miller; Allen Finley; Patrick Daily, Hickory Landmarks Society Director; Mack McLeod, Parks and Recreation Director.