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Mandy Pitts 3Mandy Pitts, Communications Director and Brand Manager for the City of Hickory, spoke to the club about the success of the City of Hickory’s branding initiative – Life. Well Crafted. Mandy last spoke to the  club in November 2011 and her program today focused on year one LWC progress and goals for year two.

Pitts called the club’s attention the city’s LWC website City of Hickory Life. Well Crafted which promotes the brand initiative stating, “Craftsmanship – it’s more than a way of doing something. It’s a way of seeing, being and creating anew. Hickory, North Carolina, has a history of craftsmanship – a long tradition of making something of itself and the world around it. Attention to detail, pride in precision, doing a thing well, dedication to a craft and knowledge of natural resources are all strengths ingrained in Hickory. They’re all part of a past that serves and shapes its future”.

“Hickory’s past and future prospects have drawn to this place a people with an eye for detail and a hand for hard work, a passion for making something of themselves and of the future. From furniture capitol to fiber optic center, natural wonder to fine arts splendor, recreational heaven to entertainment haven, small town Hickory Life. Well Craftedvalues to big city drive, the people of Hickory have crafted a living and a life that’s rich both in tradition and promise. They’ve made Hickory more than a wonderful place at an advantageous location. They’ve made a living and a life here. Hickory – Life, well crafted”.

“The rationale for the brand platform compliments the community’s strengths and builds the message about Hickory”.

Pitts states, “we are building a plan that includes positive collaborative efforts with all organizations in the metro area. Everyone has a role to play in this important endeavor that’s goal is to build the economic base, attract live anywhere professionals, families, visitors and active adults.”

Explore LWC“Strength, Creativity, Resourceful, Lovely, Shape, Resilient, Ingrain, Tradition, Detail, Quality, Spirit, Care, Collaborate, Natural, Skill, Passion, Promise, Hard Work, Artistry, Beauty, Craftsmanship, Inspiring, Flexible are all words used to describe Hickory”.

Pitts said area governments and agencies are on board with the idea of a consistent branding theme. Catawba County Government, Catawba County Economic Development Corporation, Catawba County Chamber of Commerce and Greater Hickory Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau have all incorporated the LWC logo in their own logo design. The LWC theme is being used on the city’s website, circulars and newsletters included with resident utility billing statements, and on social media, such as Facebook. City signage and even the city’s main water tower sport the new logo. Area agencies, businesses and non-profits are encouraged to use the LWC theme in their promotions and advertising. Hats and t-shirts with the LWC logo are available for sale.

Mandy said year two LWC goals include:

  1. Continue to saturate the brand in the community.
  2. Continue to partner in economic development and visitor initiatives
  3. Meet with community stakeholders to reinforce and answer questions about the brand.
  4. Build Partnerships.
  5. Create a larger presence on the web.
  6. Continue to hold community events.
  7. Develop “Creative Detectives.”
  8. Focus on Arts.
  9. Launch campaigns, like “Handcrafted in Hickory.”
  10. Connect with health and wellness. “Active. Well Crafted.”
  11. Aim to get three or four initiatives underway.
  12. Reach out to students (k-12 to college).

The LWC Branding Vision includes:

  • An investment of revitalization efforts and partnerships to spur development.
  • Collaboration of the strengths of Hickory’s medical, entrepreneurship, technology, education, arts and culture.
  • Shaping of opportunities to enhance the community’s resources to provide endless ways to enjoy the natural habit.

Brand Partnership expectations include:

  • Help move the “Life. Well Crafted.” branding initiative forward.
  • Partner agrees to use Hickory’s logos and associated branding elements.
  • Branding Partner shall work with Hickory to coordinate marketing and communication efforts.
For more information contact Mandy via e-mail or visit City of Hickory Life. Well Crafted.


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