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Beth MeadlockAt the Thursday meeting of the Hickory Rotary Club, Beth Meadlock, Program Manager – Charlotte/Western NC, spoke to the membership about the work of the Pretty In Pink Foundation.

Pretty In Pink Foundation is a North Carolina based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial assistance and quality of life resources for underinsured and uninsured people diagnosed with breast cancer in North Carolina. Founded in 2004 by Lisa A. Tolnitch M.D., F.A.C.S, Pretty In Pink Foundation is committed to providing life saving treatment and surgical options across North Carolina through a network of healthcare professionals who understand and support the need for affordable and accessible breast cancer treatment choices.

The mission of Pretty In Pink Foundation. is simple . . . to ensure that quality, life-saving medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy) is available to breast cancer patients residing in North Carolina, regardless of their ability to pay.

The ultimate vision of Pretty In Pink Foundation. is to eliminate financialPretty in Pink Logo barriers and to provide financial resources to any breast cancer patient with true financial needs for treatment and surgery. The first goal is to expand their efforts to all counties in North Carolina and by 2020 to have a point of presence in every state.

In North Carolina, nearly 20% of the women have no health insurance coverage and more than 14% live at or below the federal poverty level. Adding to the statistical impact is that nearly 1/3 of North Carolinian households are managed by single or divorced women with limited financial resources. Typically, these people do not qualify for government funded or assisted programs. When breast cancer is present and medical insurance is not, care is delayed or simply not ever received because of cost barriers. Once diagnosed with breast cancer, many people experience financial hardships in trying to keep up with paying for quality treatment. Often times this is simply because they are choosing between breast cancer treatment and quality of life needs like shelter and food. As of July Pretty In Pink Foundation. is in their 10th year and has served over 2,100 breast cancer victims in North Carolina.

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  • Meeting Time:
    Thursdays from 12:00PM to 1:15PM
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    430 17th Avenue NW,
    Hickory, North Carolina 28601