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Hickory Rotary Club welcomed author, humorist and talk show guest BobLee as today’s featured speaker. BobLee is one of the original pioneers of Internet commentators. BobLee was “blogging” before there was “blogging”. Notebooks were spiral-bound, tablets were sold by pharmacists and a mouse was a rodent or a theme park symbol. debuted in 1998 and has been a fixture in cyberspace ever since with over 1,500 archived commentaries.

His quixotic jousts at windmills of human absurdity have gained him an international following from Bangkok to Fuquay. Never afraid to swim against the tide of popular opinion, BobLee probably can’t save Western Civilization but he has fun trying.

Sports and basic human goofiness are the fields this Internet Legend plows. He is often compared to the late Lewis Grizzard, Dave Barry, Rick Reilly and “that kid in your high school history class that was always asking “how come?” and giving the teacher headaches”. BobLee is a non-partisan satirist with 12+ years of provocative commentaries on the idiosyncrasies of American culture…Sports, Life and some Politics. The pompous, arrogant and terminally “stoopid” are not likely to ever go away….and neither is BobLee.

Saturday, September 1, 2012, WCHL (Flagship of The Tar Heel Sports Network) threw caution and its reputation to chance; turning over its audience for an hour to: “The Good Sports” featuring BobLee and fellow provocateur Art Chansky. The show is hosted (chaperoned is more like it) by WCHL’s Ron Stutts. It is broadcast on 97.9 FM and 1360 AM (those are radio stations for you younger Rotarians) two hours prior to every Carolina kickoff. (As if UNC Football was not in a confused enough state…. now THIS!) OK, we know what you’re thinking…. will these guys be “muzzled”?  Will they be given pre-approved scripts extolling The Carolina Way to be read while guzzling “the Kool Aid”?  Anyone who thinks that doesn’t know BobLee and Art.

It is 2012; anyone with provocative opinions and a bully pulpit from which to launch them is not universally loved. BobLee’s cyber adversaries are the ragtag “Board Monkeys” who live on anonymous ACC fan forums.

BobLee is a graduate of the University of North Carolina (the one in Chapel Hill) and lives in Raleigh with his wife Susan. Bob has been a Rotarian in three different clubs. Enjoy BobLee’s Commentaries and Books at

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